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EcoPontes – The Modular Kit for building a Circular Economy


Our vision

Rodiek’s purpose is to find solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN to achieve a good and sustainable future for all and future generations. We pursue the goal of making waste collection and recycling possible everywhere in the world in a sustainable and economically self-sustaining way and promote the formalization and growth of micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises in a circular economy.

Our Mission – EcoPontes

Municipal solid waste and the general pollution caused by burning or dumping waste in the environment is a global challenge. EcoPontes are waste collection points which aim to reduce environmental pollution caused by mismanaged waste and creates labour for people. We have built EcoPontes as a modular kit to be adaptable for different local needs and resources while ensuring an uniform quality standard for operations, management and health and safety requirements. We are working with communities and local organizations as NGO`s and public authorities in collective action contributing to a safer and cleaner planet.

Long-term benefits

  • Reduction of waste pollution in the environment
  • Reduction of material dumping and landfilling
  • Savings in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increasing resource efficiency
  • Improvement of living conditions for people and nature
  • Creating of sustainable jobs
  • Awareness raising for waste separation