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EcoPontes is a one-stop-shop for effective collection and recycling operation in low and middle income countries. It provides all required elements for long-term success. While convenient for our customers, it allows for flexibility through tailored solutions.

The EcoPontes Service and Consulting Package consists of the following key building blocks. Addditionally more elements can be included to provide a solution that is specifically tailored to individual needs:

Operational Support and Optimization

Training for Success

Procurement of Machinery

Trading Network for Recyclables

EcoPontes – The Modular Kit for building a Circular Economy

Supporting organizations with building effective waste collection and recycling infrastructure, the EcoPontes tool kit can be downloaded free of charge in the sections below.

The majority of the documents provided were developed during the project EcoLu – EcoPontes Luanda, supported by the German Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection (BMUV). Additionally, Rodiek included further documents, offering knowledge and experience from over 30 years working in solid waste management and recycling on the African continent. The documents provide useful information, templates and training materials for successful operation according to the EcoPontes concept.

In case further support or more individualized solutions are required, please get in touch!

The EcoPontes operator is responsible for the management and all organizational and operational processes in the interface between collectors and recyclers. The operators play a central role in safe and professional operation of EcoPontes. The documents provided here and in the following sub-categories are intended to prepare and assist potential EcoPontes operators for their daily tasks.

EcoPontes’ operational activities focus primarily on buying back recyclables from collectors, sorting them into designated containers, and reselling them to downstream recyclers. For this, we summarized important general purchasing conditions with business partners and process steps for the integration of informal collectors. In addition, a cost calculation template for the export of different materials can be downloaded as well. How operations should be organized at an EcoPontes station and how to instruct staff on key operational procedures are also part of the freely available content.

Awareness raising plays an important role to ensure that specific challenges and opportunities in the local waste management sector and value chain are addressed. Working with the informal sector puts a special emphasize on accessibility when conveying the content. Regardless of location, different steps must be taken in advance to operate EcoPontes in order to establish collection points. Recommendations for action can be found in the roll-out strategy. We also provide training material for the identification of plastic material and health and safety measures.

The common processes at an EcoPontes station include collection, material sorting, and storage in containers. However, further processes can be established which may entail the use of machinery and other equipment. When operating machines, it is necessary to perform preventive maintenance and repairs. The modular kit of EcoPontes therefore includes a basic concept for the implementation of a maintenance system. Another document ensures general requirements for the plot and facilities as well as logistics that should be considered for EcoPontes.

The documentation of material flows is important for the creation of transparency. It can be done in various analogue or digital ways. With our tool “EcoPontes_Material Flow Documentation” even less experienced users can document criteria of the collection as e.g., material types, collectors and quantities. The data is entered in a standardized way and evaluated which can be used as a basis for planning future activities. We also developed a simple template to document the maintenance of equipment and an operating log for the daily activities at EcoPontes.