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Are you interested in setting up an EcoPontes yard or do you want to know more about the possibilities that EcoPontes offers you? In our short presentation you will find the most important information and if you have any questions, just ask us.

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Our vision

With EcoPontes, we pursue the goal of making recycling possible everywhere in the world in a sustainable and economically self-sustaining way.

The waste of raw materials and the general pollution caused by burning or dumping waste is where EcoPontes comes in and aims to make the world a better place. In addition to the environmental aspect, EcoPontes also offer people a chance to earn money and make their own neighbourhoods nicer and cleaner. A positive side effect is that the reduction of wild waste as well as the burning of pollutants significantly increases the quality of life.

First EcoPontes recycling collection point opens

In the beginning of June 2021, the first EcoPontes collection point opened its doors in the Sambizanga district of the Angolan capital Luanda. It is run by Animar – a local NGO that works with young people, women and disadvantaged groups to protect the environment, among other things. Residents can drop off plastic films, rigid plastics and cardboard at the recycling collection point and are paid fairly for doing so. Animar trains them with the support of Rodiek & Co. GmbH, in terms of quality criteria and safe handling of the recyclables. Nehlsen Ambiente Angola Lda. collects the collected recyclables, prepares them for recycling in its own plant and sells them to local customers. More EcoPontes will open in upcoming weeks.

First EcoPontes in Luanda

EcoPontes network is growing

Since the opening of the first EcoPontes recycling center in Luanda, the project has achieved further success: Our project partner Nehlsen Ambiente Angola is now also expanding the material flow for LDPE stretch films. Currently, a collection volume of more than 10 tons per week is achieved, from which our recycling partner produces recyclate for the Namibian market. The capacity could be increased to about 200 tons of LDPE per month. In addition, Nehlsen Ambiente Angola is building a material flow for PET bottles. Potential recycling partners in the SADC region have already received corresponding sample bales.