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Our approach

We work with people in low- and middle-income countries, particularly in Sub Sahara Africa. Led by local organizations, our projects are tackling waste pollution and the effects by setting up systems for separate collection through EcoPontes, improving incomes, and restoring and protecting humans and land. Our projects make sure that sustainable waste collection takes place and is organized with the local communities and authorities which creates jobs today and protects the environment for tomorrow.

How we work

There are many small steps between the initial idea and the actual implementation of waste collection infrastructure and processes, and we are happy to go them with you.

  • We develop the most suitable solution for you. We stand for quality and will answer all your questions and enquiries promptly.
  • In online or face-to-face trainings we provide assistance and convey essential content using professional concepts from our 30 year long experience in waste management in Europe and Africa.
  • With our network we find the right equipment or the right manufacturer for you. We can also arrange high quality second hand equipment.
  • We have access to relevant associations and can trust our global network in the field of solid waste management and circular economy.

Our Team

Rodiek & Co. GmbH

Rodiek & Co. GmbH is a consulting company in the field of waste management, recycling and circular solutions. It is our Mission to support the development of a functioning circular economy by providing experience and operational knowhow. Our target regions are low- and middle-income countries especially in Sub Sahara Africa, where waste management and recycling is still in its early stages. Our solutions are tailored to the specific local requirements and needs.

We provide services along the complete value chain from collection over sorting, to treatment and preparation for recycling. We provide technical support for facilities, including vehicles, machinery as well as material flow management. We also offer the development of sustainable recycling and energy concepts for local communities, businesses and industries.

As a 100% daughter company of Nehlsen Group, one of the largest German waste management and recycling companies, we can access the operational knowhow and practical expertise from 100 years of waste management and recycling business in Germany.