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EcoLu – Implementation of EcoPontes in Luanda, Angola

Recycled material:


About the project

EcoLu and the EcoPontes

EcoLu is a project for establishing a separate collection of recyclables through EcoPontes in Luanda, the capital of Angola. The goal of EcoLu is to expand and strengthen the circular economy and recycling activities in Angola and in the SADAC (Southern African Development Community) region. For this purpose, it is investigated how actors in the field of waste collection and disposal, can be enabled to sustainably operate professional recycling centers for the separate collection of recyclables. The material flows generated in this way will be processed and fed into a customer network to be set up.


Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection

The “Export Initiative Environmental Protection” of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection, launched in 2016, disseminates and strengthens knowledge about and the application of environmental and climate protection technologies as well as innovative (green) infrastructure in countries in need of support. Within the framework of targeted, substantial projects, the necessary framework conditions for a sustainable application of environmental technologies are to be created.

First EcoPontes in Luanda

First EcoPontes recycling collection point opens

In the beginning of June 2021, the first EcoPontes recycling station opened its doors in the Sambizanga district of the Angolan capital Luanda. It is run by Animar – a local NGO that works with young people, women and disadvantaged groups to protect the environment, among other things. Residents can drop off plastic films, rigid plastics and cardboard at the collection point and are paid fairly for doing so. With our support, Animar trains them in quality criteria and safe handling of the recyclables.

EcoPontes network is growing

Since the opening of the first EcoPontes recycling center in Luanda, the project has achieved further success: Our project partner Nehlsen Ambiente Angola is now also expanding the material flow for LDPE stretch films. Currently, a collection volume of more than 10 tons per week is achieved, from which our recycling partner produces recyclate for the Namibian market. The capacity could be increased to about 200 tons of LDPE per month. In addition, Nehlsen Ambiente Angola is building a material flow for PET bottles. Potential recycling partners in the SADC region have already received corresponding sample bales.

Project Partner

Nehlsen Ambiente Angola

The Angolan waste management company Nehlsen Ambiente Angola Lda. (NAA) a 100% Nehlsen company, founded 2010 in Angola, Luanda, is mainly active in the areas of waste collection and disposal in the municipal as well as in the commercial sector. In order to strengthen recycling and the return of raw materials to the material cycles in the future in the sense of a sustainable circular economy, NAA’s plant infrastructure was recently expanded. Part of this processing capacity will be made available for the material flows generated under EcoLu. In addition, NAA will contribute with its excellent knowledge of the Angolan waste and recycling industry and best relationships with customers of rigid plastics, films, waste paper, glass and metals. In addition, NAA will accompany the operation of the collection points, the logistical management and all other operational tasks.


Rodiek & Co. GmbH

Rodiek & Co. GmbH is a consulting company in the field of waste management, recycling and circular solutions. It is our Mission to support the development of a functioning circular economy by providing experience and operational knowhow. Our target regions are low- and middle-income countries especially in Sub Sahara Africa, where waste management and recycling is still in its early stages. Our solutions are tailored to the specific local requirements and needs.

We provide services along the complete value chain from collection over sorting, to treatment and preparation for recycling. We provide technical support for facilities, including vehicles, machinery as well as material flow management. We also offer the development of sustainable recycling and energy concepts for local communities, businesses and industries.

As a 100% daughter company of Nehlsen Group, one of the largest German waste management and recycling companies, we can access the operational knowhow and practical expertise from 100 years of waste management and recycling business in Germany.